Tech Marine® Yacht Design & Services offers its customers all the services ranging from concept to creation.

Design, Certification, Expertise, Calculation, Construction Site Consulting, Testing.


“We assist construction sites in the development of new models, in the industrialization of products and in the preparation of technical documentation”


“Thanks to modern digital surveying techniques we make the restructuring and modification of boats without any technical documentation fast, precise and cheap”

Digital survey for dimensional checks or refitting interventions;

Three-dimensional modeling and internal and external set-up proposals, including rendering of the modification;

Nesting, cutting and assembly files for production;

Preliminary and final load exponent;

CE marking (if applicable) with P.C.A.


“We assist the construction sites in that delicate phase of detail of the project documentation, transforming the architectural project into executive drawings”

Executive design of plants and / or structures;

Layout by L.A.M. and 3D piping for large vessels;

Architectural design of interior furnishings;

Three-dimensional modeling for NC milling;

Documentation for Classification Agency.


Forniamo assistenza a cantieri e designer sia nella fase pre-progettuale su resistenza, stabilità e propulsione, sia nella fase di progetto attraverso calcoli strutturali, piani di macchine e impianti”

Preliminary and final cargo exponent;

Structural calculations for registers in accordance with current regulations;

Rolling plans, structural plans, nesting for metal constructions;

Drafting of technical manuals and / or owner’s manuals (UNI EN ISO 10240);

Drafting Instructions to the Commander for Pleasure and Work Ships;

CE marking module Aa, B, G, acoustic emission verification.


“Both alone and in collaboration with loyal designers, we continuously develop new projects, following our customers’ideas and suggestions”

Preliminary and executive design of boats;

Market research and feasibility studies;

Digital survey for dimensional checks or refitting interventions;

Design and optimization of Sail Plans and Appendices;

Modification and optimization Propellers and propulsion systems.


“We help the owner who wants to change or buy the boat in choosing the model and the shipyard that best suits his needs in terms of budget, performance and crew management”

Site survey services for new buildings;

Pre-purchase appraisals, for insurance and / or banks;

CE marking module P.C.A;

Renewal Security Records.