Descrizione Progetto

Project description

AUDACE 80 is an Expedition Yacht designed by TechMarine® Yacht Design & Services and built entirely in the Cantieri Mostes in Genoa. Thanks to its stability, the new technologies on board and its robust structure, it has been designed to give the most demanding owner and guests a new travel experience.

It was born from the request of an expert, demanding and “enlightened” owner who established the characteristics of his ideal boat on very simple principles: great autonomy, sailing comfort, optimization of consumption, large spaces to live in and out., stability, robustness.

AUDACE 80 is a boat with the volumes and safety of a small ship. On its three decks we can find: on the lower level two guest cabins and two VIP cabins with dedicated bathroom, on the main deck the living areas and the master cabin, while on the upper level we have the opportunity to dedicate ourselves to outdoor activities without excluding the owner / captain, who can stay in touch with his guests during the entire duration of the crossing, thanks to the modern command bridge connected directly to the sun deck.

In addition, it can be conducted with the only boat license, thus relieving itself from the obligation to embark specialized personnel. Stability in navigation even in rough seas, ease of handling in the open sea and when maneuvering, immediate and gentle response to the helm, simple but effective and durable systems are the requirements on which an expert owner can rely to navigate in economy and security.

AUDACE 80 is the first of a family of Expedition yachts offered in different outfits, which starting from its hull designed and optimized for offshore sailing extend to ocean sailing, professional diving, touring boats and all the applications that require safety, solidity and efficiency.

Drawn by the waves

Audace 80 has been designed to navigate safely in all seas and in all weather conditions.
It features a hull developed in the tank to offer the maximum in terms of stability and hydrodynamic efficiency.
The hull has been equipped with Quick gyroscopic stabilization systems to have a better set-up during navigation, while the ballast boxes, through the management of the outgoing and incoming liquids, allow to optimize loads and stability.

You just have to choose the route

Audace 80 has been designed to allow its owner to enjoy every type of journey, which is why it can boast great hydrodynamic efficiency.
The heavy duty 381 hp MAN engines have low fuel consumption, high displacement and reliability, thus allowing you to navigate at the maximum speed of 14 knots or at the cruising speed of 8 knots with an autonomy of 5,000 nautical miles.

– Length f.t.: 25.59 m

– Hull lenght: 23.89 m

– Waterline length: 23.43 m

– Width: 6.48 m

– Full load immersion: 2.20 m

– Standard displacement: 110,000 kg

– Full load displacement: 125,000 kg

– Displacement with unloaded ship: 100,000 kg

– Motorization: 2×381 HP MAN D2876

– Maximum declared speed: 12 knots

– Cruising speed: 9 knots

– Autonomy at 8 knots: 5,000 nm.

– Ballast: 7.450 liters

– Water reserve: 2,500 liters